Visual C# – ‘C#’ pronounced as C Sharp – is the implementation by Microsoft Corporation of C Sharp computer programming language specification, also created by Microsoft and included in Microsoft Visual Studio suite of products, and thus also known as Microsoft Visual C#. Programmers will agree that it is by far the most commonly used implementation of C sharp amid multiple implementations of the language. Microsoft Visual C sharp has become so immensely common that often a reference to ‘C Sharp’ is incorrectly taken to indicate Visual C Sharp.

Microsoft Visual C Sharp is an object-oriented computer programming language. It is based on C++ and has features that are similar to the features of Java. With this programming language, Microsoft aims to band together the computing power of C++ with the programming easiness of Visual Basic. Microsoft Corporation has designed C sharp in a way that it works with Microsoft’s .NET platform, the assemblage of technologies and products that Microsoft Corporation spent the last few years and about 80% of its budget in .NET researches and development. Smoothing the progress of the exchange of information and services over the World Wide Web, and enabling program developers make highly convenient applications is the aim of Microsoft Corporation with the creation of Visual C Sharp.

Since Microsoft Visual C# is the most popular/most used implementation of C Sharp specification, there is a high demand of the programmers who are experts at the language, and considering the probabilities and Microsoft’s insistent marketing of it, it can be safely said that Visual C Sharp is going to be continuously used for a long, long time to come. This is the reason more and more programmers are making efforts to learn and get experts at the language. For those of you who are new to Visual C Sharp and even those of you who are new to this whole world of programming languages and would like to learn the most popular programming language of today and tomorrow, Microsoft Corporation’s official website offers several different free online resources to help you learn and master the language. In an effort to make you put to practice what and as you learn, Microsoft offers its famous Visual C# 2005 Express Edition as a free download from its web site at:

When you get good at Visual C Sharp, you can buy Visual Studio to work with the programming language with a full-featured code editor, code wizards, compiler, project templates, a potent and comprehensible debugger, designers, and other tools to show off the best of your creativity and talent.

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