There’s a little secret circulating among parents and grandparents around Christmas time. Those who know have found a simple way to make Christmas extra special. It’s called The Santa Signal and if you haven’t heard of it yet, you will.

The Santa Signal is a device that parents magnetically attach to the inside of their fireplace on Christmas Eve. The device plays a pre-recorded audio track of Santa Claus working up on the roof and also uses lights as a stunning visual effect (



Southern California based company, Tobily, LLC has spent the past three years researching and developing The Santa Signal for use in the fireplace, but found a large majority of families unable to use this device.

President of Tobily and inventor of The Santa Signal, Erik Knear explains, “We always knew we wanted a Santa Signal for families without a fireplace, but were hesitant to make two different versions. We didn’t want to make things confusing for the customer.” Erik continued, “Fortunately, we found a way to create a single version of The Santa Signal that can be used with or without a fireplace.”

The solution is a Santa Signal with a USB input. This will give parents the ability upload the correct audio track for their own living situation. They are also able to upload the audio in other languages. “But it doesn’t stop there.” Explains Erik, “The most exciting aspect of uploading the audio to The Santa Signal is the ability for parents to upload a custom track with their child’s name.”

Tobily has teamed up with two development companies, World Wide Web Worx and Connex Info Systems, to take on the daunting task of seamlessly creating customized audio tracks for the 500 most common children’s names. Erik continues, “We’re starting with 500 names and adding more as we go. This is an overwhelming task, if you think about it. Especially if you consider the names of children from other countries, but we’re eager to bring this new Santa Signal to the world.”

From humble beginnings to an extremely sophisticated device, The Santa Signal is becoming less of a secret among parents and more of an International Christmas tradition.

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Company: Tobily, LLC

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