The Commuter Cars Corporation has just released it special electric edition called Tango. The Tango offers the solution to some of the major problems with automobiles today. Traffic has overcome the current freeway system, and are too many 4-passenger cars using an entire way to transport a single person. There is also too much pollution from gasoline vehicles. Let’s discover the specifications as well as the unique advantages of Tango as follows:


Electric Tango is one of the most impressive vehicles which is equipped with two electric motors driving the rear wheels with a total output of 805HP and 1,000lb-ft of torque. Moreover, there are 2,000 lbs of batteries and motors and controllers under the floor, and the carbon fiber body weighs all of 25 lbs. With a roll cage protecting two passengers sitting in racing seats in tandem, there is shoulder room for such a proportioned vehicle. This edition is also provided with a double A-arm front suspension and a trailing arm rear. Also, the Tango can accelerate through the standing 1/4 mile in 12 seconds at over 120 mph and travel from 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds.


Tango -electric car for commuters


Tango is designed around a roll cage that meets or exceeds both SCCA and NHRA regulations


Brakes: Mazda Miata calipers with Hawk HP Plus (rear) and HPS (front) pads. Wilwood master cylinder and pedal assembly


Tandem Sparco custom bucket seats with 4-point aircraft pilot harnesses on attached structures


Controller: Zilla Z2K motor controller, providing up to 2,000 Amps at 300 Volts (600 kW)


Range: 40-80 miles maximum with Lead-Acid batteries over 200 miles with Li-Ion batteries


George Clooney handsome star next to his own Tango


Motors: 2 Advanced DC FB1-4001 9″ motors, one driving each rear wheel with over 1,000 ft-lb of combined torque at low rpms. 8,000 rpm redline


Front Suspension: Unequal length A-arm with coil-over Bilstein shocks. Rear Suspension: Trailing arm with coil-over Bilstein shocks



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Tango is one of my favorite electric car, and I prefer traveling to work by such model of protecting the environment. Moreover, its design attracts my concern.