GA, Global Advising

Founded in Israel by a multi-disciplinary team of senior officials of Israel’s Security Agency (ISA) and from various elite units of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), GA brings together a highly qualified group of professionals with years of unparalleled experience in the evaluation, planning and execution of security, intelligence and protection programs.

GA, Global Advising specialises in providing special security services for business delegations in Brazil, Israel and Latin America as well as families and authorities.

The company’s concept is to provide a full cover solution to the client, focusing on preliminary preparations and analysis that will allow a high level of prevention. Our company not only includes the security issues, but also logistics, coordination and technical support that will guarantee a successful operation under one management and responsibility.

Our goal is to attend all aspects of the operation as defined by the client.

Scope of services

  • VIP security analyst.
  • Operational Officer.
  • Personal Bodyguards.
  • Security Drivers.
  • Personal Medical Officers. (Upon demand)
  • Escort Team. (Several Bodyguards)
  • Safe Transportation.
  • 24/7 availability for routine or emergency needs.


GA, Global Advising is known for its realistic approach and dynamic delivery by the highest operational and preventive standards .

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GA  provides other services too….whether a corporation needs to manage an unexpected crisis situation, review or strengthen its current security programs and measures, establish special security plans for its executives, or engage in investigative activities, GA has unrivalled experience and expertise in dealing with the most complex and even risky situations.

GA, Global Advising is your security partner that takes the worry out of your security issues, allowing you and your company to expand its activities globally, without any safety concerns.

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Contact: [email protected]

Address: Dona Germaine Burchard 251, Sao Paulo

Brazil – CEP 05002-061 .